Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

Falls in Guyana

  Kaieteur Falls is located on the Portaro River in Guyana. This waterfall is known for its height. It is the largest waterfall with one drop. The height of this waterfall comes to 741 feet tall. The waterfall is an amazing site to see because of its height.

Niagara Falls is also a very famous set of waterfalls. The Kaieteur Falls are five times as tall as the Niagara Falls. The reason it is considered a large waterfall is because of the amount of water it holds. It is not necessarily the tallest waterfall but it is definitely the largest. The amount of water this waterfall flows about 23,400 cubic feet per second. This makes it the most powerful waterfall around. The powerfulness makes this waterfall a site you would not want to miss while visiting Guyana. 

Visitors to Guyana have named this waterfall one of the great wonders of the area. The area is still undeveloped so visitors could have the place to themselves at times. The waterfall is surrounded by a tropical and beautiful rainforest. If you are visiting the country on vacation, you will probably want to go on some adventures. Most people don’t want to sit around on a vacation to a tropical destination. Different locations have tourist destinations that are meant to keep you occupied during your trip. The Guyana Falls is a prime location for any guests visit.

There are a few different activities to do while visiting the waterfall. The first thing you can do is take a plane ride to the falls. This is about a one hour trip from Georgetown. If you are a person who loves to look at different landscapes, this plane ride is for you. The pilot will coast around the waterfalls giving the visitors breathtaking views of this wonder. You will see views that you cannot see anywhere else but in the air. Seeing a waterfall from an airplane can be a once in a lifetime experience. When you take the airplane trip, it turns into a one day experience. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the airport. The visitors are then taken to a resort located on an island in the middle of the Esquibo River. This resort is very secluded and tropical. The guests are provided lunch and a couple of hours for relaxation and swimming. The travelers are then flown to the site of the Kaieteur Falls.

A tour guide takes the group around to a few different spots to see the falls from different aspects. Once you have completed the tour of the falls, you take another plane back to your hotel. This quick trip suits the travelers who have a busy schedule and want to see the falls within one day.

For the travelers who live for adventure, they can take a 5 day hike to get to the falls. The trip starts with a car ride through the city. You then take a boat up the river to your next destination. Once you have reached the rainforest, you take a 3 day hiking trip to get to the falls. This trip is meant more for the physically fit and adventurous travelers. If you have a hard time walking for long periods of time, this is not the trip for you. The hike can be extremely difficult but the views and sites are well worth the exhaustion. Instead of sleeping in luxurious hotels and resorts, these guests stay the night in hammocks that are tied between two trees. Instead of taking a boat across every body of water, they would walk across the rivers that weren’t too deep. There aren’t too many people to see while you are taking this trip. The area is very undeveloped and unpopulated. If you decide to take this trip instead of the plane ride, you will see only the people who are with you. Once you reach the Kaieteur Falls, you are free to walk around. You can literally walk right up to the waterfall. The only thing to worry about is the fact that there are no railings. You want to make sure you stay safe and are very careful. The scenery and element of relaxation will be worth the trek through the rainforest.

The waterfall is located right in the middle of the Kaieteur National Park. This park sits in the center of the Guyana Shield. This shield includes a mountain plateau and endless rainforest systems. The shield as a whole covers 30,000 square miles. The large mountain has been there for a very long time. It is a great site to see because of its shape. Instead of looking like a regular pointed mountain, it takes the shape of a plateau. This means instead of a point at the top, it is flat. It almost looks like a large square. The first people to find the beautiful waterfalls and really appreciate them were the Patamona. The park was the first protected area to become established in Guyana. The reason they wanted to protect certain areas of this region was to protect the beautiful scenery it had to offer. Between the waterfalls and the rainforest, there were many different exotic and tropical flowers to view. They wanted to preserve the natural look to this area so visitors and travelers would always be interested in coming there.

Kaieteur Falls was named after a Chief Kai. This was one of the chieftains in the Patamona tribe. He decided to canoe through the river and down the majestic falls. This was a self-sacrificing trip to protect his tribe for termination. The term “teur” stands for falls. This is where they got the name of Kaieteur Falls. Some people say the chief’s canoe is now part of the rocks at the bottom of the falls. No matter what you believe, you should see this combination of waterfalls and rainforests for yourself. The views alone will be worth the money and the trip to Guyana.

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